14 June 2011


Hey guys here is my review of  a sensational dark lager which comes from one of my favorite breweries in the world Budweiser Budvar in the Czech Republic -established in 1895.
Budvar Dark Lager is a relatively new beer brewed by Budvar-first brewed in 2004 in fact- who are famous for their Czech Premium Lager- which is regarded by many beer enthusiasts as the benchmark pilsner/lager type beer and I totally agree. If you see Budvar  Czech Premium Lager at your local-- grab it 'an drink it! And you'll see why it is my favorite lager....!! Look out for a review!

Anyways (I got abit excited there : ) on to the review...

Pours a dark porter/slight coke tinge with a awesome creamy head smelling of a mix of yummy malts and Czech saaz hop goodness!
On the mouthful it glides down like a smooth porter while giving that zangy bite of  that again fantastic Czech saaz hop character and surprisingly the absolute re freshness of a larger on the finish. A very balanced beer at the same time at 4.7%ABV.

With its simplicity of  ingredients- good malts, local fresh hops and good water it really is an example of when a brewer can bring out the best qualities in what they have on hand-- and the skill of  what these guys/gals can do really shines through.
There has to be a lot said for tradition.... This is what balanced & drinkable beer should be all about.
A very satisfying beer. Paired it with  Japanese style char siu/chyashyu pork- tsukemen (cold-ramen) noodles and it went down a treat!
Picked this 500ml bottle  up at Warners at the bay bottle shop here in beaut Newcastle --- the holy grail of PROPERBEER in Australia!

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