25 March 2011

Guinness & Kilkenny Draught Can

To keep on the theme of St Pats day here is my review of Guinness and Kilkenny Draught cans...
I had a quiet St Pats day this year mainly due to the terrible situation in Japan as a result of the recent earthquake and tsunami...As some of you would know by reading some of my previous reviews on PROPER BEER MATE I have family and friends in Japan, all are fine and safe thank goodness.....Thanks to all my friends/colleges/family who have expressed their concern and a big GAMBATTE (GOOD LUCK!) to all the people of Japan to overcome this disaster. 
So I grabbed a couple of 4 packs of irish goodness from the shop to enjoy later on in the evening after work at home...
It's time for a Guinness!   

Pours a fantastic fizzy creamy head due to the beaut widget can setup! Tried my best to let it sit/settle in true Guinness pouring form by filling up half the glass straight after cracking the can open and letting the foamy goodness settle then topped up with the remaining black magic in the can. Really dark appearance close to night with a awesome lightly fizzed creamy white head on top!
No massive aromas on the nose apart from some good 'ol maltiness and a whiff of a quaint noble hop--goldings comes to mind.

Goes down quite smoothly the creamyness of this beer helps greatly with this and at the same time is quite thin compared to other stouts I have had including Guinness Extra Stout.
Good roasty malts flavour this famous beer making every sip quite satisfying even on a humid march night.... I chilled the can well in advance which added to it's drinkabilty.  At 4.3% ABV means it is a sessionable beer but watch out it does fill you up quite quickly though! Grilled herbed fish with lemon and salad I find is a good match with this beer which should balance out the strong malt character.

Next Kilkenny:

Again chilled well in advance for after work on St Pats day and poured in the same fashion as the Guinness Draught can. Kilkenny is a very different beast, This what my mates have at the irish pub if they are not keen on the black stuff.
Awesome red amber appearance and a creamy head follows after the beer has settled.
Not much on the nose abit of noble hops and slight maltiness.
Drinkable?.... oh you bet mate! At 4.3% ABV this bad boy goes down soooo easily very smooth and refreshing! A slight nutty taste to it..dry almonds come to mind. The ever so creamy head adds to the enjoyment of this amber wonder.
Force down a good burger and chips with this one..... it matches very well!

At the end of the day we all know these brews are so much better directly off the tap at your favie pub/irish bar.... but for enjoyment at home they are not bad at all...Enjoy! And happy St Patricks day PROPER beer lovers!


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