25 July 2014

Mikkeller Bangkok!

Well guys its been a while but this is a major craft brew moment in history! Finally Proper beer on tap in sunny Bangkok!

Ever since I got the news via beerbeer.org last year that the Mikkeller guys were opening their first establishment in Asia I started saving my pennys for a Bangkok properbeer trip!

I have had quite a few of the Mikkeller range of beers American Dream, I beat U & Single Hop Sorachi Ace are among my favies. Mikkeller brews never seem to disappoint -wonderfully crafted and inspiring to the inner homebrewer in me.

So off I went to Ekkamai to check the place out!

After being wowed of finally being at Mikkeller Bangkok and the fantastic layout of the place I proceeded to the bar to be greeted by the friendly staff and 30 taps of crafted goodness. Started off with a pint of chill Pils Orange: a bit of orange lolly on the nose and faint noble hops along with some good ol  place pilsner malts. Went down a treat as a good pilsner should after a stroll from Thonglor the next suburb over from Ekkamai.

I was lucky enough to meet the owner Jacob who really knows his brews and introduced me to the sour lambic brews on tap brewed by Dutch brewery Boon which were amazingly good! One brew was aged for two years and had a uncanny winey characters to it!  Jacob kindly explained the  brewing process of the lambic style to me and really opened my eyes to a style that I hadn't really put much attention to in the past. I'm gonna stock up on some saison yeasts when I get back home for some experimental sour homebrewin!

Then I moved on to some tasty IPAs and pales including a fresh pint of a 200 IBU DIPA from Danish brewer Amanger Bryghus - Gluttony
Big piney hops on the nose with the malt in the background fantastic full mouth feel and bitter going down. The bitterness of this brew really hits you on the aftertaste. Great (PROPER!) beer.

Ended up grabbing some take away brews too. One that was recommended by staff member Taey was Dangerously close but no cigar Double IPA by To ├śl brewing was a fantastic little beer which is a drier IPA with a massive but not over whelming hop presence along with the addition of ceder wood to the boil which takes this beer to another level. Went a treat with the smokey satay I had the following night!

Really fantastic stuff thanks heaps Taey!

And also a big thanks to all the staff for a fantastic experience at Mikkeller Bangkok Kong, Pete and Fame. You are all doing a fantastic job bringing proper craft brews to Thailand and Asia. Well done!
Too-sin-d tak (Danish- a thousand thanks) to Jacob for your hospitality mate! Hope to see you guys in Australia for some brews soon!


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