09 March 2013

White Chocolate Pilsner -Bacchus Brewing

Another Great Growler review! This Growler fill comes from the Prince of Wales Hotel Bottlelo in Merewether Newcastle Australia. An awesome unique brew to review a White Chocolate Pilsner!

This brew hails from the Bacchus brewery up in Brisbane Queensland Australia which is situated at the Homebrew shop  where I got my Basic Keg set up from. Great bunch of blokes to deal with if you are into home brewing by the way.
Anyways on to the brew review!

Pours a wonderful bright golden hue with a fluffy white bubbly head which hangs around for a while. On the nose a big vanilla essence aroma along with some noble hop spice.
Had this one nice 'an cold goes down smooth as with a quite vanilla bean ice cream/custard flavor on the front then towards the end the slight but present bitter bite that is expected from a decent pils.

Quite refreshing and abit sweet but with that bitter finish this is a awesome example of experimental brewing at its best. Not overdone at all. The grains used and hops work well with the white choc.

For a food match this one is quite hard perhaps Mexican food would work with this one. Tangy Salsa and soft tacos come to mind when having a slightly sweet pils at hand.

I used to like white chocolate quite alot when I was younger (Herseys cookies and cream bars hmmm) and now I have found the PROPER beer equivalent and its does it's job well.  

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