18 August 2011

Holland Beer Brewery Bangkok Thailand!

This place is found about 20~40mins by taxi from Bangkok's main center on Rama II .I was very surprised
by the size it was massive!! And the amount of people pouring into the place! Yes I thought! The holy grail of beer in Thailand must be here!
Well it was kinda.....
This place was very Thai orientated.... fair enough I'm in Thailand!! But in terms of a beer enthusiast looking for the western microbrewery experience you won't find it here aye.. The main attraction is the big stage show with various choreographed dancing and singing shows  in Thai and also some English pop/R&B solo and duet songs are performed.... highly entertaining to be honest! The beer here is surprisingly fantastic though which is the main thing!

The place has absolutely nothing to do with Holland other than the crazy windmill out the front and the fact I assume those Dutch love their beer?! Well they made Heineken and Grolsch I spose....

The whole place is more so centered on the massive stage show and awesome food more  than the excellent beer on offer even though fermenters behind the bar themselves were clearly in view and big!

No one sitting round the bar, Just the wait staff collecting orders and filling up those incredible beer towers that you see round Thailand and Malaysia mainly in food courts...gotta love that!
So we ordered our food and I ordered the BEER! They had three brews on offer a dark Dunkel , a Weizen and a wait for it a........ Lager!!

After a week of Lagers in beaut Chiang Mai I was craving a good 'ol ale! Had a stein of the Dunkel to start off  nice roasty choc malt on the nose and a faint noble hop aroma. Wow... on the mouth full it was very malty and  caramelly in taste and smooth as! It was more like a robust porter beer than a German style Dunkle. The Weizen was very nice too! Big banana and clove notes on the nose  true to style, very cold creamy and refreshing going down as a good Weizen should be! It filled me up quite quickly though due to the wheat malts and having close to a litre of Dunkle before!  Now the Lager....Now this was a big surprise! No big hop aroma but a subtle scent of a noble hop was there along with a good fresh somewhat pilsner malt grain tone. Mmmmm....nice and cold going down  like a Lager should be with a awesome very well balanced bitter after taste! Easily the best lager I had on my Malaysia/Thailand trip! I can see why this was the most favored brew at the venue! Could of drank it all night...and almost did!

I really wanted to complement the brewer but found it hard to communicate this to the staff due to the language barrier. Oh well if you're out there mate I think you make some of the best beer in Thailand by far!! Service by the way was excellent- as always in the land of smiles : )

The food was great. If you like your fresh seafood dishes this is a good place to check out if you are ever in Bangkok. We had the crab curry and rice  as our main and it was a very good match for the Lager.  I'll definitely be going there again next time I'm in Bangers..now to find a decent hotel on Rama II.......

Holland Beer
129/9 moo 6 Rama 2 Road
Bangkok 10150
Telephone: +66 2-4531101-10


  1. This is the best website I have seen that wraps up everything about Holland beer Rama 2. Forget the hotel you can stay at my house, well done.

  2. Cheers Gary! Glad you were informed by my post mate.

    I'll have to shout ya tasty brew soon !

    Best wishes.

  3. We like Holland!

  4. We like the shows!