19 September 2012

Anchor Liberty Ale

A big thanks to Lee and Tanya for bringing this tasty brew all the way from San Francisco- USA for me to try out along with a cool Hula Girl Bottle opener from Hawaii......Cheers guys!

Pours a awesome golden colour with a fantastic creamy head which- by the way lasts all the way as the beer goes down. An aroma of zesty citrusy hops on the nose that are not overpowering at all and a hint of the sweet ale malt is also pleasantly present
Going down it is quite sparkly and the flavour of the malts really do remind me of good 'ol Coopers Sparkling Ale . Nice and balanced malts with a hint of sweetness on the end of the palate along with some slight citrus coming through as well. Very refreshing.

I would personally categorize this brew in style of a English Special Bitter or a English Pale Ale and not a American Pale Ale as it is known, Probably due to the many more recent American Pale Ales that I have had the pleasure of drinking have been much more aggressively hopped and give you that hop hit many expect from a "APA". This is not a bad thing at all this brew has everything going for it and would be a great entry beer for people who are scared of hops!

All in all a very satisfying brew but again not a massive hop head experience by any means. I would pair this brew with some spicy Tex-Mex style Nachos or a tasty home made Burrito.

Hope to see more of Anchor Brewing Brews over here in Australia.... Coopers Brewery apparently have the distribution rights here as Anchor distribute Coopers brews in the USA so it could even make it to Asia too!    


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