14 March 2011


Hi guys it's been a while and G'day to all my new readers at Beerbeer.org!  I had to start off with a beer that I always go back to when I am keen for a good Heffe! Hot summer days are the perfect setting for the wonderful brew which hails from the German city of frankfurt. I first had this beer back in 2002 when my then future wife took me out to dinner at one of Sydney's institutional restaurants Una's at Darlinghurst . While I waited for our table to be ready/available the way it goes at Una's is to wait it out at the bar upstairs where the barman takes ya name for the table and asks "what do you wanna drink?" I noticed alot of peps at the bar were holding these excessively long beer glasses filled with liquid gold...without knowing what I was in for I told the fella behind the bar "I'll 'ave one of those mate!" 
"A Schofferhoffer mate?"  "I replied yeah mate!" a couple of beaut PROPER schnitzels later and the rest is heffe history .....

You have to pour this guy real slow into a decent well chilled heffe glass or stein to enjoy this fantastic example of a heffe at its full potential. Remember to give the bottle a swill at the end of  the pour to get some of that beaut sediment that flavors this yeast driven beer.

On the nose big lolly/candy banana flavours come through as well a bit of real bubblegum....Yum!

Great creamy head on top and after a mouthful of this stuff a slight citrus twang is present. Goes down real good and smooth.Very filling....
Drink ability of a larger and the re freshness/satisfaction of an ale without the bitterness.
Pair with schnitzel, pork katsu or anything fried! Cheese goes great too!
There a alot of good heffes out there but this one I would have to say is my staple wheat beer..Mainly
'coz of its availiblity in Australia at most decent/PROPER bottleshops . Also had this bad boy on tap in Newcastle NSW at the Mary Ellen Hotel which was amazingly fresh and icy cold--the way a PROPER heffe should be..Experience it on tap if you can it really is that good! 
Hopefully next time I'm in Asia I'll be able to track down a good on tap/bottled source for this wonderful nectar....


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