05 June 2010


Here is BREW DOG'S 5am saint -- I wish I had got up and reviewed it at 5am for pure fun and authenticity but as much as I enjoy this brew... I am not that silly.

This beer came as a surprise as i didn't expect it to be as hoppy as I thought it would be --which is great ! On the pour it pours a amber slightly tanned colour and perfect carbonation producing a (excuse the pun) good head!

Big aromatic mix of citrus NZ/US hops on the smell very inviting along with some sweet maltiness that reminded me of some of  the United States brewer SOUTHERN TIER imperial range of beers.

Very smooth going down bigg complex hoppy flavour and a perfect malt balance to keep the hops in tow.
Gives you that great hop hit with out wiping you out with the bitterness.  Could easily be an IPA in sheep's clothing but at 5% ABV it is highly sessionable and of course enjoyable.

And as a result this bad boy (at the moment) has knocked PUNK IPA off the the PROPER BEER throne as my favorite BREWDOG brew ! After I'd finished this tester I started searching around the net for case of the stuff!
The BREWDOG crew have done really well to produce this barbecue matching beer with character.

If you see it in the grog shop definitely give it a go!


  1. Completely agree with your thoughts there! The 5am Saint was a real surprise to me...surprisingly delicious and definitely sessional. Only had one at the time...and instantly wanted more.

    Also my favourite of the BrewDog range...so far.

  2. Thanks for the reply mate-wish they had this stuff on our beer shelves everywhere

  3. About to try and win one of these in a golf round - sounds great. Punk was good but this sounds more up my street!

    Paul @ beerbunker.co.uk