01 June 2010

Moo Brew Pale Ale

Okay here we have a beer from a Craft brewery in Tasmania...I always wanted to try Moo Brew's beers and stumbled across this one the other day at my favorite bottle shop here in the Newie area Warners At The Bay.

It pours a very fizzy frothy head that took about a good seven minutes to die down and settle very carbonated! The colour of the beer is a dark yellow orangy haze much like coopers red but with no sediment or floaties. 4.9% ABV

On the nose it doesn't have much a bit of malts and a very slight hop aroma.

It has a very fizzy wine like mouthfeel and taste that might appeal to some but unfortunately not this PROPER BEER blogger! It does taste very champagne like and white whine flavors dominate this beer. I was really expecting a hoppy pale ale or at least a easy drinking ale not this over fizzed lolly water!

I found it over carbonated and gassy for my liking and not what I associate with a pale ale. As it warms up though It does get abit smoother but still too fizzy wine like.  I think Moo Brew where trying to go for a Coopers red style Sparkling Ale with wine flavours/notes but in my eyes failed.

The hops are there but again too balanced and underwhelming and hidden by the fizz.
For the price I think you would be much better off getting a coopers red for a much more enjoyable beer.

I really wanted to like this beer but it had nothing there to save it apart from its ability to maintain carbonation for a prolonged period of time.
I have heard good things about Moo Brew's stouts so I'll give them a go soon.... look out for a future review!

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