13 June 2010

Baird Beer: The Carpenters Mikan Ale

This is a PROPER BEER I have wanted to try for ages-- Ever since I saw it on DH's jibeer site!
Mikan basically translates to Mandarin in Aussie english. I obtained this fantastic sesonal brew through SLOWBEER in Melbourne via their awesome online shop, After being advised by Baird's Head Brewer Chris Poel (thanks mate!) that a shipment of Baird Beer goodness had left Japan and will be hitting Aussie Shores about one and half mouths ago.
It's been a little while since I had my last Baird beer in Japan and I can tell you I have been eagerly waiting the return of their amazing ales to my pint!

Pours a dark orange/light amber colour and produces a foamy head that dissipates to a thin lacey head-Great ale qualities there....
On the nose big hoppy citrus aroma and a hint of Mikan/Mandarin peel..
Good balance on the mouth feel very much a smooth American pale ale feel and a slight sour tingle taste from the Mikan juice and good hoppy bitterness that really rounds it off.
Lightly carbonated which gives it a great feel going down ya throat!
Very refreshing after a days work.

High drinkability but at 6.1%ABV just watch yourself!

I could easily drink this stuff all the time, But i reckon it would better suited to the warmer months served with some Fried Gyoza Dumpings with chili oil/yuzu soy sauce!

Highly recommended to all PROPER BEER drinkers out there get it while you can as it is only a once a year seasonal brew!!!

I really believe that Bairds is really putting Japan on the map as a craft beer haven with all their fantastic beers and great craft beer taprooms rather than that silly super soda brew that Japan known for.

If you're lucky enough to be in Japan check out the fantastic Baird Taprooms in Tokyo or the original (I'm yet to visit) Taproom in Numazu in picturesque Shizuoka ken.
Otherwise check out Tanakaya  in Tokyo and see my good mate Yoshitsugu-san as he stocks a good range of Bairds beers amonst other great PROPER BEER!

Thanks to the guys at slow beer for making this beer available in Australia and taking care of my PROPER order !!
And big thank you also of course to the Baird Beer Crew for producing this amazing ale including the carpenter himself and his mate who supplied the mikans for this brew!

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