10 June 2010

EPIC Armageddon IPA !!

Now this is what I really call PROPER BEER MATE! This beast is hands down my favorite IPA so far on my life long journey to find the perfect PROPER beer....
This bloody fantastic brew  at 6.66%ABV ( I cant praise it enough it really is THAT GOOD!) hails from "across the pond" so to speak brewed in the beaut harbour side city of Auckland New Zealand at Epic Beer Brewery!

Now I came across this beer purely through the internet-- watching the fantastic BEERMENTV episode of matching beer with good 'ol fish and chips late last year! (see below) After seeing that I had to seek it out! And I found it! Woo HOo!

It pours a wonderful hazy orange light amber color--but even before that-the awesome smell of the hops hits ya once you pop the cap!!
Carbonation is perfect for this style of beer. Thin creamy layer of lace on the top!

Okay... I'm starting to settle down now ...on the nose the Massive BIG Hop aroma smacks ya around the chops (in the face) ...Maaate I love this aroma sweet hoppy citrussy and sour fresh hop flower oils bursting through like no other beer.

On the sip BANG those hops are definitely still there aye!! The first mouthful is very bitter and floral at same time yet the hops (if you are a hop lover like me ; ) keep you coming back for more and more. Goes down quite smoothly as the pint warms up.

Also I would like to note even though it might seem odd I really enjoyed the taste of my burps after having a pint or two of this beautiful hoppy 60/80 IBU nectar sent from the EPIC beer gods of NZ!!

Quick point--New Zealand is one of the world leading hop growing exporters!-- Exporting to such many beaut renowned craft brewers all around the globe.

And as a result of being so close to one of the world's best hop growing regions you can really taste the freshness of the NZ hops in this IPA

Whenever I hit my favie bottle-lo if I can't make a decision and the missis wants to get going I will always grab a long neck or two of this stuff --you absolutely cant go wrong.

Here is the original BeermenTV episode where Todd enjoys a EPIC IPA with his fish and chippie!

Also goes great with home made pizza! (made with beer dough-of course!)

I really have to thank Luke Nicholas and the Epic Brewing Crew for making a ground shaking fantastic IPA that really got me inspired about the great NZ craft beer scene and addicted to  crazy hoppy beers/IPAs as a whole.

Look out for their new Stout and Oak aged Armageddon IPA  (I Hope they make it 'ere- otherwise NZ here I come!!!)


  1. After moving to NYC I'm really missing Epic beers, and the Armageddon in particular. Don't get me wrong, there's amazing beer all over the place here - I reckon America's now leading the world - but goddamn that Armageddon's a beautiful beer...

  2. I have been awfully slow getting around to trying any Epic beers...so this post is excellent motivation!

    I am yet to hear anything but the utmost praise for the Armageddon IPA...so I really need to get my act into gear and taste it! Can't wait. And I'll definitely be doing it with homemade pizza, thanks to your suggestion. cheers!

  3. You sir, need to post that recpie for beer dough right here!