01 April 2012

Hoppy Hefe!

Mad Brewers here in Australia have created something special .........a Hoppy Hefe!

The first thing that hits me is the massive citra hop aroma when I pop the cap followed by the sweet smell of the malts.
On the pour it generates a awesome fluffy creamy white head with a orangey hazey body just like a good hefe-wheat beer-a pleasure to look at! Again I'm in hop heaven on the aromas of this crafted ale....big piney citrus and good punchy hoppyness on the nose- much like an aggressive American IPA one of my favorite styles.
Going down the mouth feel is full and some what sweet as well. Dangerously smooth and satisfying! Superb hoppy bitterness thrown in too.  Abit syrupy on the finish like a good barleywine but not in a bad way at all. And very refreshing again like a good hefe should be.
At 7%ABV you gotta watch yourselves though! I reckon you should treat this brew more like an IPA and savour with a food match of Pepperoni Pizza.

This Beer ticks all the right boxes for me as it combines the characteristics of two of my favorite beer styles the German hefeweizen and the big hop monster ales of the USA . Too bad its only a limited addition-I'll have to visit my local homebrew shop guy and try and clone brew it (^-^)

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