24 April 2010

Murray's Icon 2IPA

This brew comes from down the the road from me!! From a fantastic craft brewery called Murray's. Created by head brewer Shawn, this is the jewel in the crown of  Murray's range of PROPER beers in my opinion.
It is an approachable Double IPA (India Pale Ale) with heavy malt tones and hops on the nose.The hops are definitely there (1kg is added per 100 litres during the brewing process!) giving bitterness thoughhout the pint while the malts mellow them through making it a very drinkable and refreshing Double IPA. It isn't as hoppy as some of the other double IPA's I've tried but still definitely holds its own at 7.5%ABV.
Hints of fruit are there on the taste buds- blood orange and abit of burnt caramel/toffee too.

At the moment it's only available on tap at the the brewery, It is usually released in September in bottle form either in 330ml stubbies or the 750ml bomber.
Being a local I tend too pick it up in one of their superb growler take away/refillable bottles 1.89 litres (see pic). In saying that the taste from the tap does vary from time to time sometimes being more maltier than the last.
In a final note about this beaut beer I think it sits in-between the English IPA's of old and the Hop crazy Double IPA's of the USA as it does give you a hop hit but as with the English styles quite malty and smooth. Maybe it's a new style we have here -- The Aussie  IPA!!!
Great Job Murray's!

Also check out Murray's Blog where Murray himself gets fired up about the big Macro breweries parading their weak yellow fizzy crap around. Great read.

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