16 April 2010

Welcome to Proper Beer Mate!

Well here we go! This blog is about what I think is proper beer! Mainly writing reviews based on my experiences here in Australia but also Japan and Asia. The beaut up and coming craft breweries of  Australia and Japan I have found are in a similar situation--Both financially and in terms of size.
Throughout this blog i'll be writing on their industries and the challenges and triumphs they come across. 

And don't worry they'll definitely be reviews of beer from the Pioneer countries of craft beer-our mates in the US/Canada and UK/Europe/Scandinavia.. Both old world and new world beers will be featured here.

Another aim of this blog is to hopefully educate people what proper beer actually is, what it should be and what it shouldn't be. 

.....So sit back with a Pint of yer favie PROPER BEER and enjoy! 



  1. I like proper beer and my most frequent beer is Tooheys Pils.

    Tooheys Pils is an Australian pilsner produced by Tooheys. Originally brewed with Saaz hops, however due to production and supply issues is now brewed with Hallertau hops from Bavaria, Germany and is described as a light, refreshing beer with a crisp, hoppy finish without a lingering aftertaste. It was launched in November 1998. As of June 2008, Tooheys have decided to lessen the alcohol content to 4.5% and give the bottle a more appealing look

  2. Yeah I used to like the good 'ol Tooheys pils too... But as mentioned above change over from the Saaz hops to the Hallertau and the lower ABV tured me off abit..might have to give it a go again though Just to make sure I'm not missing out... :)--Thanks Lee for my first comment! I'll buy ya a beer mate!