16 May 2010


This review is based on my tasting notes I made while I was on Holiday visiting my in-laws and second home Japan. So I will try to be as actuate as I can based on my notes...

Suruga Bay Imperial IPA comes from Baird Brewing a brewery who hail from the seaside town of Numazu-Shi in Shizuoka Prefecture Japan.  The brewery has won three gold medals at the recent Beer World Cup 2010 which was held in Chicago IL USA back in April. Congratulations Guys!
I must note that I came aware of this great brewery from another fantastic Japan/USA Beer reviewer DH over at his site here.
This bottle came as a recommendation from my good mate Yoshitsugu-san at Tanakaya when I was loading up on other PROPER brews at his excellent beer shop in downtown Tokyo.

Hop aroma on the nose (not massive) and crispy pine and orangy grapefruit coming through there.
Mouth feel was quite smooth but with a great bittery taste caused by the hops , not overly carbonated making great drinkability. Be careful though the ABV at 7.5% is very sneaky-I almost fell off my bar stool at the Naka-Meguro Taproom on my way to the loo after enjoying a pint or two of this brew on another occasion! A very balanced IPA-- Highly recommended.  A good food pairing would be Yakitori with spicy Miso paste or awesome Pepperoncino Pasta. Thanks heaps Yoshitsugu-san and of course DH!
Quite a short review I know... but I will be reviewing more Baird beers when they come available this month here in Aussieland.  I'd rather review beers when I have them in front of me, Mainly to to somewhat preserve the integrity of beer reviews as a whole. But in saying that I will have a couple of short reviews of a couple more beers I had in Japan and Asia that aren't available here based on my notes for diversity in the near future too!

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