15 May 2010


Welcome to my first International/Non-Aussie Beer review!!
Now what we have here is a definite palette destroying beer! Brew Dog's PUNK IPA is one of my favorite IPAs that I have enjoyed many times before..The beer comes from the most innovative craft breweries around at the moment-- Brew Dog from sunny Scotland have proved time and time again beer can be as out there and boundary pushing yet have a very coolness factor at the same time.  
PUNK IPA at 6%ABV pours a quite inviting colour of hazy yellow nectar and a creamy white head (I would really like to try this from a traditional pump tap one day) and has a perfect light carbonation for this style of aggressive IPA..   On the nose the piney grapefruit tones really shine through and after the first full sip from the pint it's like getting kicked in the mouth by the awesome NZ hops! It is quite a bitter IPA- but quite drinkable and smooth by the sip-- It isn't a quaffable chugging/skulling competition beer by any means. It is something to be appreciated and savored.


As the pint warms up I find it tends to get a bit more bittery and the hops flavors come through even more than which is a good thing for me as I am a big hoppy PROPER beer lover!
I reckon it goes great with some spicy Thai food such as Pad Krapow .
After your mouth get's pounded by the big chilli spicy goodness wash it down with a cold PUNK IPA and your'e in beer foodmatch heaven.

It won't appeal to all beer drinkers and thats the beauty of it! The Brew Dog guys as they say on the bottle don't care if you don't like this beer--it's not meant for every one... but if you're a insane hop lover or just plain curious go for it!

I found this beer can be found at most decent PROPER BEER shops/craft beer stores in Australia/NZ and from what I have read in most North American stores of the like too .
If you are in the beaut country of Japan, In particular Tokyo and surrounds-and your'e keen to hunt down this fantastic IPA and Brew Dog's other choice brews check out Tanakaya in Mejiro. My favorite bottle shop in all Japan!-(Bottle shop Reviews coming soon)

Heres another one of their vids below: "We hate bad beer!"
Great stuff Brew Dog!
Expect to see more beer reviews from this fantastic brewery soon!

We hate bad beer! from BrewDog on Vimeo.

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