22 May 2010

Tactical Nuclear Penguin!

So here it is my PROPER BEER MATE review of BREWDOG's masterpiece of brewmanship: TACTICAL NUCLEAR PENGUIN!-A beer for the dedicated -just like me : )
As you would have seen from my other posts the Penguin comes in a brown paper bag with a hand drawn penguin on the front. It also comes with a beaut stopper so you can store it away for future indulgences.

For those who don't know this PROPER BEER started life as a imperial stout which already has a high alcohol percentage at usually around 8% - 12%. Then it was aged for a total of 16 months in Isle of Arran whisky casks and in Islay whisky casks.Then the BREWDOG crew stuck the brew in a ice-cream factory cool room to ferment and implement the increase of the ABV content.

At 32% ABV It is no ordinary beer at all. The kind I like!!
Pours a flat cola like colour and with no head at all...
On the nose its got alot of smokey malty whiskey goodness and a slight dark soy sauce aroma.

It has a big bitterness and a whisky (not "whiskey"as it's a Scottish beer-get it right MATE!)  burn on the palate. I was a bit keen to swish this round my mouth like a wine wanker and as I result the slightest fizzyness came through, Which definitely confirmed this amazing drop as a beer and not a spirit. 
It had the consistency of a sherry or port wine which is also reflected in the taste too along with big smokiness taste from the Isle of Arran whisky and Islay whisky casks that it was fermented in.

Of course this beast is not a skuller/chugger beer at all. I found It would be great as a night cap in small amounts along with your favorite rich dessert such as Black Sesame Ice Cream- also to honor the beers heritage.
Also I'd like to see it served as a shot too, To accompany a pint of robust stout or porter style beer. I think that would be great especially with a group of mates at the PROPER pub.

Before I fall over from taking a few siuppps... I might put this back in the fridge next to its punk of a mate.

All in all I congratulate BREWDOG on making this unique beer and making a it good one too.They really did do their best on this one. I spouse anyone could make a high alcohol beer just for the sake of it but these guys really put in the immense effort and came out with a ripper whisky infused late night stout!

Tactical Nuclear Penguin from BrewDog on Vimeo.

As this was a one of 500 beer I really have to thank Emperor Penguin James and all the crew at BREWDOG for making this available to me.

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